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Explanation and description about the Shading Effect (So-called Watermarking)

Please just note that the shading effect (So-called "Watermarking") is one of the characteristics of wool carpets and cannot be avoided. Lighting, carpet colours and textures willaffect the shading effect in different range. From our past experience, regular vacuuming in same direction can help a little. But please just understand that it doesn't affect any carpet quality andshould not be considered asa manufacturing effect.

Wool Rugs Shedding

Wool Rugs shedding: What is normal?If you have just purchased a wool rug and are concerned about shedding, it is important to know that this is actually very normal. Shedding is when the fibres fall out from them rug, or stick out from the rug in tufts. This can be devastating for an owner of a rug who has carefully made an investment in a quality wool rug. They may think that they have made the wrong choice when they notice the shedding; however it is important to know that all woollen rugs shed.Shedding is not a sign of poor quality or mistak...

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