About Us
Company Profile

Argent Carpet specializes in manufacturing custom made,high-quality wool carpets for hotels, clubhouses, government organizations and deluxe residential developments.

Argent utilizes New Zealand wool yarn, imported materials, equipment and grade "A" quality control in the manufacture of carpets. You can be assured our carpets are soft to touch, flame retardant and anti-static. Argent Carpets have passed numerous international Fire-Safety as well as National Carpet Standards Control, which means Argent Carpets will demonstrate quality, comfort and durability year after year.

By being specialized in production of high-end carpeting for the past 10 years, Argent has earned the support from various retailers, interior designers and contractors. Our ability to show the unique concept and design for each of our clients is the reason why Argent Carpets present in many recognized establishments nationally. These establishments include Beijing Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, the Great Hall of The People, the St. Regis Hotel, Shanghai Jinjiang Hotel Group, Shanghai Dong Jio Guesthouse, Shanghai International Convention Centre, Dailian Kempinski Hotel, Changsha HUatian Hotel, State Official Centre of Guangdong Province, Xiamen Haiyatt Garden, Nanhai Fountainebleau Hotel, Guangzhou Garden Hotel, the China Hotel, Sheraton Hong Kong Hotel, Parkview Hong Kong, Shenzhen Shangri-la Hotel, Shenzhen Landmark Hotel, Macau Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Office of the Chief Executive of Macau to name a few.

The Procedure of Making Argent Carpet

The most important vocabulary of all Argent staffs is DETAILS, which involves our attention to every guest’s needs. Our front line staff will cater to all the guest’s needs with provision of professional advises when required. By use of computer technology, each guest can see the outlook of the finished product for fine tuning and scaled mockups are made to give the client a “hands on” feel of the finished product.

Once the design is approved, it is transferred onto tracing paper and magnified to life-size while the fine wool is dyed with the specified colors. Next, Argent’s experts work their magic through the process of “Weaving”. The yarn is then tufted in place one by one to ensure precise color positioning, pile height and density.

The stretched, woven canvas is transferred to the latex division once the weaving process is completed. Latex is applied with care to ensure it is evenly spread onto the canvas. Then, a dryer is used to reinforce the shape and size of the product.

The dried canvas will then be refined by production supervisors for any bits and pieces that may be out of place. The problem areas will be rectified and the carpet is sheared to make even and level.

At this point the carpet is near completion, but the surface will show unevenness after the latexing and therefore the procedure of “Shearing” will be applied; “Carving” & “Embossing” techniques will also be applied to further decorate the carpet’s surface. “Carving“ involves cutting into the carpet at various depths to give the surface a recess while “Embossing” cuts the rest of the rest of the surface at a uniformed height, leaving only the raised areas which allows for a three-dimensional feel to show on the finished product.

Each and every carpet manufactured by Argent is whole-heartedly and painstakingly woven under highest standard supervision by our experts, assuring our customers of most beautiful carpets. Our clients can enjoy Argent Carpet and its products as it is the name to trust for high craftsmanship and precision.