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Why Wool?

Health Benefits of Wool Rugs & CarpetChoosing the right carpet for your home or business is a critical decisionbecause you want a carpet that will both look good and last a long time. Wool is the superior fiber choice for woven and tufted carpets because it meets the rigorous demands of the consumer with ease. Luxuriously comfortable and warm, wool is, paradoxically, one of the coolest fibers available. Soft, yet resilient, it can withstand the toughest treatment and still bounce back. Here are just a few of wool's many promises:Natu...


NATURAL AIR FILTERWool is naturally non-allergenic and does not provide nutrients for bacteria or dust mites, nor does it promote the growth of moulds. A wool carpet acts as a natural filter keeping dust and allergens out of the breathing zone so that they cannot enter or irritate the respiratory system.NON-IRRITATINGBecause most wool fibers are too long and too thick to be inhaled, wool carpet will not irritate the respiratory system or cause sneezing and other unpleasant allergic reactions. The materials used to make wool carpets ...

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