Product Knowledge

Product Introduction

Tailor-Made with flexibility
Argent’s Hand-Tufted Wool Carpets offer great freedom of expression in design. Our products are well known for their high versatility as they can be made to any design, any color and any size. Even single colored carpets can be creatively textured by varying yarn thickness, density and pile height, all enhanced with hand shearing or sculpturing finishing processes. Argent Carpets are highly creative and allow designers and clients alike to achieve an exclusive one off “art decoration” object which enhance any interior scheme, and lessen the wastage in carpet installation as well.

Flame Retardant
Argent Carpet uses high quality wool yarns as they are known for being naturally flame retardant. Wool fibres are difficult to ignite due to a higher ignition temperature. They are low flame-spread, low heat release properties, low heat of combustion and contribute less to smoke or toxic gas formation. Due to the above characteristics, wool carpets are specified for installation with the most stringent flammability regulation, such as prestige hotels, government organizations and passenger aircrafts.

Wool consists of a natural scaly outer surface, helping to keep dirt and soil high in the pile of carpet which allows for easy removal by vacuuming. Another wonderful characteristic of wool is static resistant, and its natural ability to absorb moisture in humid conditions and release moisture once the condition dries. The flexibility of wool also makes it resistant to damage, allowing Argent Carpet to keep its excellent appearance year after year.

Environmentally Friendly
With the use of wool, Argent Carpets will not cause allergies since it is all natural. In fact, wool fibres can also absorb common contaminants in indoor air such as formaldehyde, nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide. Wool chemically neutralizes and binds these harmful gases to its structure and does not re-emit them, which improves the air quality and well being of the building’s occupants.

Argent Carpet provides excellent value as it utilizes wool, which allows for longevity and appearance retention. As well, its inherit ability of being flame retardant and resistant to dirt proves itself to be superior to carpets made of synthetic fibres. By being 100% natural, the wool content is biodegradable and complies with international environmental regulations. Moreover, moth-proofing treatments are applied to all of our products and Argent Carpets have also passed numerous International Fire-Safety as well as National Carpet Standards Control.

Argent Carpet-your perfect choice for hotels, clubhouses, government organizations and deluxe residential developments.